Sunday, 15 December 2013

Christmas Project

UKScrappers are hosting a project a day for Christmas.
 Rememeber you have to do the following to be in with a chance of winning a prize:
  1. Visit the UKS Home Page every morning to see that days project click the link to get the tutorial.
  2. Comment on each of the blogs ). Remember to leave your UKS username. If the project is not on a blog you are allowed a free pass on that one.
  3. Then comment on the UKS thread after the 23rd of December. We will compare the commenters in the UKS thread to the blog comments after the 25th and the prize winner will be announced on New Year's Eve.
Today is my turn and I have a Christmas ornament for you to make. I was inspired by a project I found on Pinterest a lady called Brenda has loads of ideas of how to make projects out of Hershey's kisses. I am not claiming this as my own idea but I took her tutorial to make a star and turned it into a tree ornament. Go check out her blog for other great ideas using Hersheys kisses.
For the ornament you will need
  • 1 sheet of double sided patterned paper or thin card stock
  • 6" piece of thread or thin ribbon
  • Sticky tape
  • Score board or scoring tools
  • Hersheys kisses - you will need 6 for each star and extras as a treat while you are making them
 From the piece of patterned paper or card stock Cut the following:
  •  1 piece at 7¾"x 1"
  • 1 piece at 9" x 1"
  • 1 piece at 5" x 3"
  • 2 pieces at 11" x 1"
 To make the star:  
  1. On the 7¾"x 1" strip score at ⅜", 3½" and 5⅝".  
  2. On the same strip make ½" long score marks at 1⅜", 2 ½", 4 ½" and 6¾". At the 5⅝" score mark, make a ½” pencil line. This mark is already scored; you will also be making a slit on this fold. 
  3. Cut each of the ½" marks to create tiny slits. Put a piece of sticky strip on the ⅜" tab.
  4.   Fold the strip along the score lines. Bring the ends together to form a triangle and stick together. Lay on the table with the slots facing upwards.
  5.   Take the 9" x 1" strip of paper and on the long side, score at 3/8", 13/8", 4½", 7⅝" and 8⅝".
  6.  Make ½" long marks at 2⅜", 3½", 5½"and 6⅝. At ⅜" and 8⅝" make a ½" pencil line. This mark is already scored; you will also be making a slit on this fold.
  7. Fold the strip along the score lines.
  8. Place the triangle from step 4 exactly as it was shown in that photo. Now take the second folded strip and interlock the slots. 
9. Fold the right leg of the strip and interlock it with the bottom slot on the triangle. Next fold the tab end of the left leg of the strip as shown, bend the left leg so that it interlocks with the same slot that the right leg was inserted into.
10. Pierce a hole in the centre of one of the outside points, this will be the top of your star.
11. Take the piece of thread or thin ribbon and thread it through the hole, forming a loop. Tape the ends of the thread/ribbon on the inside of the point. 12. Take the 5" x 3" piece of paper stock, score at 1" and 2" on the 3" side.
13. Cut into five 1" x 3" inch strips.
14. Fold these strips into triangles.  
15. Fit the triangles into the points of the star. 
16. Fill the triangles with  Hershey’s kisses into the points of the star. 
17. Take one of the 11" x 1" strips. Score at 1", 2", 3", 4", 5" and 6" marks.
18.  Fold the strip on the score lines and roll up the rest of the strip.
 19. Insert this strip in the centre of the star.
20. Take the second 11” x 1” strip of paper. Score at 1", 2", 3" and 4".
21. Fold the strip along the score lines forming a triangle. Roll the rest of the strip around the triangle. Push the triangle into the centre of the star and inside the previously rolled strip.
22. Push a Hersheys kiss into the centre of the triangle.
23. Hang on the tree and enjoy.


misteejay said...

Cute idea - TFS

Toni xx

new2this said...

What a great idea .. and good, straightforward instructions, too. Thank You. You could use little baubles instead of Hershey kisses ... for those of us who would find it too hard to hang them up out of reach!!

Scrapmate said...

Oh wow is all I can say!

chris said...

One to try to finish off the tree, thank you
Chris55 - UKS

furrypig said...

that is a wonderful idea so i suspect I will be making lots for next years little pressies for people thank you

kjjc said...

What a great idea. Thanks for the tut.

Wrightboysmum said...

That's a really cute idea.
Sonja- wrightboysmum (UKS)

Jolene said...

Another great idea, thanks for sharing and for filling in at short notice.

Jo (AKA Jolene on UKS)

Chidkid said...

What a cute idea. Now I just need the time to make all these wonderful goodies. (Elainevking on UKS)

Lindsay Coleman said...

Such a cute idea, I'm going to make one for myself & one for my Nan she will love this.

Thanks lindschick

Amanda Jane said...

Very pretty, and I quite like the 'empty' stars after step 9 too. Might make a few if I have time.

Jimjams said...

Fab idea - wonder what other choc/trears would fit. TFS

Virginia said...

Oh fab idea again


Celtic Angel on UKS

Mole said...

Too clever for me - but looks great! Mole on UKS

Sian said...

Yay more stars :D Really great project. Thanks for sharing :) Sian (UKS Violaceous)

Jo_annepinc said...

This looks fab, love how the sweets look, at a quick glance I hadn't realised what they were! Wonder if it would fool the kids! Thanks for sharing JoPink

BEX said...

What a beautiful star - really effective, Thank you for sharing the instructions - I shall have a go. UKS scrap3d

Karen said...

Anything containing chocolate is a winner in my book, but lovely star too !! Kitty Crafts UKS

Yolanda said...

Beautiful, will have to save that one for next year. Scrappyyo - UKS

hannahk said...

wow. this is a new discovery for me ~ great idea. hannahk


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